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Smiling woman with blond hair and denim jacket sits in a diabetes information session

A Community of Support

Whether you’re looking to manage your diabetes, find tips on your new diagnosis, help a loved one or discover lifestyle opportunities with us, you're in good company. We offer a range of diabetes self-management and health and wellness classes so you can live a better, more active life.

A Range of Classes, One Dedicated Approach

When you know more about your health, you’re empowered to live a better life. Offered in English and Spanish, our group and individual classes will help you discover new strategies, find the support you need and make important wellness decisions. Get started today.

Gestational Diabetes Group Education

Your most important goal is a safe and smooth pregnancy experience. Our gestational diabetes care provides resources, counseling and support to guide you in making the best decisions for you and your baby.

Insulin Introduction and Insulin Pump Training

It can take time to adjust to an insulin pump. Whether you just received your first insulin pump or you got a new version, we’re here to make the transition easier. Our introductory and training classes with certified diabetes educators can help you understand how to use these devices with ease and focus more on doing the things you love.

Lifestyle Classes

Eat well. Live better. We offer lifestyle support classes like nutritional support, stress reduction and experiential coaching — all designed to help you make healthy choices for life. Some of our educational and compassion-driven classes include:

  • Building Confidence With Your Choices 
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy 
  • Food, Fuel and Fitness 
  • Healthy Holidays 
  • REST Assured 
  • Surroundings, Social Settings and Success

Medical Nutrition Therapy and Education

Eating well can have a huge impact on your life. When you have the help of registered dietitians, the effects can be even greater. Our skilled and knowledgeable team members will assess your diet, evaluate your wellness, work with you to establish concrete goals and develop an individualized nutrition plan to help you discover positive health changes.

Group Diabetes Education

Group Diabetes Education classes presented by our team of certified diabetes educators make learning enjoyable through fun, interactive discussion. Our diabetes classes teach you how to live a healthy, productive life with diabetes.

Man having lungs checked by a physician.

Doing Our Part to Slow Coronavirus

As we continue to monitor coronavirus in our community, AdventHealth will postpone all events until further notice. Your safety and the safety of our care team members are a key part of our decision making as we deal with the impact of this in our facilities and the communities we serve. For more information about coronavirus, including how to best protect yourself and your family, visit the AdventHealth Coronavirus Resource Hub.

Visit the Coronavirus Resource Hub

One-on-One Diabetes Counseling Just for You

If you’re more comfortable with individual counseling or could simply benefit from a little extra help, our specially trained diabetes educators are available. Contact a Care Coordinator to make a plan with focused diabetes management strategies.

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